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Cosmolab Inc. Cosmetics Production Facility Online Only Auction - Lots begin closing online 2/17

Preparation & Manufacturing Equipment Used in the Production of Color Cosmetics – Equipment As New As 2013!!!

Large Selection of: Triple Action Vacuum Mixers, High Speed Dispersers, 3-Roll Mills, Hammer Mills, Sigma Blade Mixers, Twin Shell Blenders, Mix Tanks & Kettles, S/S Fillers, Packaging, Plastic Injection Molders, Granulators, Color Blenders, Hopper/Loaders, Extrusion, Robots, Cosmetic Wood Pencil M&E, Laboratory, Machine Shop, Vehicles, Material Handling, Plant Support Equipment & Dust Collectors

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Featured Equipment:
  • (2) Lee 500 Gallon & 25 Gallon Capacities Stainless Steel Full Vacuum Turbo Shear Tri-Mixer Kettles, with High Speed Homogenizers
  • (2) Groen 60-Gallon Mdl. TA 60 and 40-Gallon Mdl. TA 40 S/S Full Sweep Triple Agitated Jacketed Kettles, with Homogenizers
  • Ross Mdl PVM-4 High Speed Planetary Vacuum Mixer, with Full Sweep & Prop Agitators
  • F.B. Lehmann WDSH450 Stainless Steel Triple Roll Mill (2013)
  • (9) J.H. Day Stainless Steel Horizontal Chilled 3-Roll Mills
  • (6) Charles Ross Stainless Steel Horizontal 3-Roll Mills
  • Hockmeyer 50-HP (approx.) High Speed Dispersion Mixer, with S/S Full Sweep and Prop Agitators
  • Hockmeyer 20-HP High Speed Dispersion Mixer, with S/S Full Sweep and Prop Agitators
  • Premier Mill 10-HP Stainless Steel Dual Shaft High Speed Disperser
  • (7) Additional Hockmeyer & Cowles High Speed Dispersion Mixers, Most with Full Sweep & Agitation
  • (5) Baker Perkins Stainless Steel Jacketed Tilting Twin Screw Sigma Blade Mixers
  • Haagen & Rinau "Unimix" Full Vacuum Jacketed Lab Mixer
  • Olsa 265 Liter Tilting Full Vacuum Stainless Steel Triple Motion Kettle (2000)
  • (14) Groen, Lee, Hamilton, Thomas Burkhard & Legion Utensils Stainless Steel Jacketed Mix Kettles from 150 Gallon Cap. Down to 10 Gallon Cap.
  • (3) Patterson Kelley Stainless Steel Twin Shell V-Blenders, 5, 3 & 2 cu.ft. Capacities
  • (2) Mikropul Division Mdl. CF 4 in. Dia. Mikro-Pulverizer Stainless Steel Hammer Mills, 14,000 RPM
  • (2) Husky 90-Ton Cap. Mdl. S90-RS40/35 Horizontal Hydraulic Injection Molding Machines
  • (2) Kawaguchi 100-Ton Cap. & 88-Ton Cap. Horizontal Hydraulic Plastic Injection Molding Machines
  • (9) Nissei Horizontal Hydraulic Injection Molding Machines, from 180-Ton Cap. Down to 88-Ton Capacity
  • (8) Yushin Automatic Sprue Pickers
  • Maguire WSB-940 Gravimetric Weigh Scale Batch Blender (2012)
  • (7) Nelmor Mdl. AG1010M Horizontal Auger Feed Plastic Granulators
  • (20) Novatec Hopper Dryers, with Vacuum Loaders from 600 lb. Cap. Down to 30 lb. Cap.
  • (3) Maguire WSB-MB 4-Color Feeders, with MPI Controllers
  • (5) Conair TC1-DI Tempro Thermolator Temperature Controllers
  • Incoe Microcom Multi-Zone Hot Runners
  • (4) Yu-Hao and Cavalla 12, 10 & 6-Nozzle Stainless Steel Piston Fillers (As New As 2008)
  • Yu-Hao Mdl. M-222HWD Stainless Steel Mascara Filling Line (2005)
  • Farmomao F47316 Stainless Steel Automatic Cosmetic Filler and Capper
  • Ameripak Mdl. S60 Horizontal Flow Wrapper
  • Yu-Hao Mdl. C-5P Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel (2005)
  • (2) Bestronic Mdl. T15-9 Electric Heat Shrink Tunnels
  • Signature Packaging Mdl. D2412S-TMC Electric Heat Shrink Tunnel
  • VideoJet Excel 273SE Stainless Steel Portable Ink Jet Coders
  • (2) Advantage "Maximum" 2000LE Mdl. MK10A-RC-4/HFX Chillers
  • Koolant Kooler Mdl. SVI-5000-M Portable Chiller (2013)
  • (3) Alpha Laval Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Atlas Suntest XLS Plus Bench Top Lightfastness Color Fade Tester
  • Autobag HS-100 Excel Parts Bagger, with Digital Touch Pad Control & Printer
  • (2) BHS-Torin Mdl. W810 Automatic Spring Coilers
  • Kawasaki Multi-Axis Fixed Base Robotic Manipulators, with Control Console & Hand Held Programmers
  • Zuber Rotary Blade Cosmetic Wood Pencil Pointers & Pencil End Rounders
  • Harvey Machine Semi-Automatic Pencil End Ream and Deburring Machine
  • Cosmolab Designed Cosmetic Equipment, Consisting of: Godet Filling Press, Semi-Automatic Smudger and Cap Insertion Machine, Semi-Automatic Wood Pencil Shoulder Finisher & Smudger Inserter, Pencil Cappers, End Rounders, Cut-To-Length Saws, Semi-Automatic Dual Head Foil Hot Stamp Machine
  • (7) Cosmolab Downacting Lead Extrusion Press, with Pneu. Pre-Load Press and Hyd. Extruding Presses
  • Freestanding Clean Room Enclosure, with Hepa Filters and Plastic Curtain Wall
  • Coffing & Jet Crane Systems and Electric Hoists
  • (134) Sections (approx.) 9 ft. wide x 3-1/2 in. wide x 12 ft. high Medium Duty Adjustable Pallet Racking, with Related Cross Members, Wood Slats
  • Farr Tenkay Mdl. 10D Bag House Dust Collector
  • U.S. Filter Corp. 8 ft. x 8 ft. x 20 ft. Return-Air Baghouse Dust Collector, with 75-HP Blower
  • Steelcraft Filtrex 6 ft. x 14 ft. x 20 ft. Return-Air Baghouse Dust Collector, with 75-HP Blower
  • (2) Spark Detection Systems
  • DCE Mdl. UMA254G5 UniMaster Freestanding Self-Contained Dust Collector
  • (2) Cleaver Brooks 40-Hp Mdl. CBH200-40 Gas-Fired Horizontal Packaged Boilers (Reworked By Boiler Supply 2007)
  • (4) Quincy Rotary Screw Air Compressors, (1) 150-HP Mdl. QS750 and (3) 75-HP Mdl. Q350
  • Max-Pak 10-HP Mdl. MP-60 Vertical Hydraulic Baler
  • McClain Hi-Tech System Horizontal Hydraulic Trash Compactor
  • Skyjack SJM3219 500 lb. Cap. Motorized Aerial Platform Lift
  • Caterpillar 2,700 lb. Cap. Mdl. GC18K LP Fork Lift
  • International 4700 T 444E S/A 4 x 2 Box Body Truck

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Inspections: Tuesday, February 16th from 8AM-4PM CST, or Earlier By Appointment. Contact Charles Winternitz at (773) 496-5740 to schedule an inspection

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