Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sold as a Going Concern: The Power of Auctioneer Agents to Facilitate Bulk Sales

Over the past several years, Loeb Winternitz Industrial Auctioneers has taken the lead in active negotiations to sell several facilities as a Going Concern, prior to auction. While selling machinery assets at auction can be a quick and effective exit strategy, there is a bigger benefit to selling the facility to a bulk buyer including the possibility of preserving jobs in the process.

Most often Auctioneers have their pulse firmly on the industry and lend expert opinion on not only the values, but also the trends and demand. Knowing the needs of the various industries and which strategic buyers are a suitable fit, help to facilitate bulk purchases, including real estate.

Complete Operations Sold as Ongoing Concerns:

Since 2013, Loeb Winternitz has facilitated the negotiations of 8 companies as complete ongoing facilities, often at the 11th hour. These include companies within industries such as: Metalworking, Craft Brewing, Scrap & Demolition, Baking & Snack Foods, Coffee, Cosmetics, and Sauces. This is in addition to the 250 auctions conducted during the same time period.

“Based on the opportunity, time frame, and needs of our clients, we typically proceed down dual paths to ensure each strategy is successful,” states Charles J. Winternitz, President of Loeb Winternitz. “It’s a race against the clock, but at the end of the day, there’s a vested interest in saving the company, saving the jobs, and keeping the plant running.”

Loeb Winternitz’ 250 years of combined experience, enables us to provide candid solutions as to whether a bulk sale or piecemeal auction offers the best opportunity and highest recovery value.

Looking for help on a project? We know values because we're actively selling, every day, across multiple industries.

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