Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chromcraft Revington, Inc. Residential & Institutional Furniture Mfg. Huge 2-Day Webcast Auction - Live Onsite & Online 6/18-19

Huge 2-Day Auction of Machinery & Equipment Servicing the Commercial, Residential & Institutional Furniture Mfg. – Metal, Wood & Multi-Media Casual Dining Furniture, Chairs, Tables & Much More!

Day 1 Assets: Tube Making, Cut-Off & Bending, Stamping, Woodworking, Machine Tools, Finishing, Inventory (partial), & Plant Support
Day 2 Assets: Rolling Stock, Material Handling, Finished Goods Inventory, W.I.P. & Raw Materials, R&D, Business Machines & Office Furniture

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Featured Equipment:

  • Yoder 3 in. Tube Mill (Round and Square)
  • Haven Model 843 Cut-Off Saw with PLC
  • (2) Eagle Eaton Leonard Vectorbend's, (1) with Premier Control
  • Eagle Eaton Leonard VB150 Vectorbend
  • (2) Pines No. 2 Tube Benders
  • Pines No. 2 Vertical Tube Bender
  • (3) Pines No. 1 Tube Benders
  • Tauring Horizontal Angle & Tube Bender
  • Modern 3LD and 3L Tube Cut-Offs
  • Richards Multi-Benders
  • Trennjaeger Cold Saw
  • ABB Robotic Welding Cell
  • Motoman & G.E. Welding Cells
  • (3) Nordsen Powder Coat Spray Booths
  • (2) Pollution Control Products Burn-Offs
  • Steel Mezzanine
  • Free-Standing 360 degree Jib Cranes
  • Bliss C-200 O.B.I. Press
  • (3) Aida NCI-110 110-Ton O.B.I. Presses
  • Aida NC 1-80 80-Ton O.B.I. Press
  • Aida NCI-80 (2) 80-Ton O.B.I. Press
  • Aida NCI-6 (2) O.B.S. Press
  • Bliss C-75 O.B.I. Press
  • Rousselle 40-Ton O.B.I. Press
  • Rockford 60-Ton & 40-Ton O.B.I. Presses
  • Clausing 1300 Engine Lathe
  • Bridgeport Vertical Mills
  • Servo CNC Mill
  • (2) Ingersoll-Rand 150-HP Air Compressors
  • Ingersoll-Rand 125-HP Air Compressor
  • Huge QTY of M.R.O.: Bearings & Fittings
  • Huge QTY of Scrap Inventory
  • Huge QTY of Finished Goods, W.I.P., & Raw Inventory
  • Over 500 Corrugated Steel Tubs
  • (10) 45 ft. Dry Van Trailers
  • Shoda CNC Twin Table Router (2004)
  • Northwood NW266 2-Head CNC Router
  • Mattison & Diehl Rip Saws
  • CTD Double Miter Saw
  • Tannewitz Vertical Band Saws
  • Tyler Power Pod Press
  • Topmaster Top Router
  • Rye Speedmax Top Router
  • SCMI Routers
  • Black Brothers Glue Spreader
  • (2) Toyota 5,000 lb. LP Fork Lift Trucks
  • Caterpillar 5,000 lb. LP Fork Lift Truck
  • (2) Yale 6,000 lb. LP Fork Lift Trucks
  • Yale 5,000 lb. LP Fork Lift Truck
  • (4) Yale 3,000 lb. LP Fork Lift Trucks
  • (2) Ottawa Spotting Trucks
  • Kubota Tractor & Brush Hog
  • Sky Jack Aerial Platform Lift
  • Snorkel Boom Lift

Download the Chromcraft Revington Photo Collage - Stamping, Metalworking, & Rolling Stock
Download the Chromcraft Revington Photo Collage - Woodworking & Foam Equipment
Download the Chromcraft Revington Photo Collage - Finished Inventory, Raw, W.I.P., Foam, Scrap, Etc.

Inspections: Wednesday June 17th from 9AM - 4PM CST or earlier by appointment, contact Charles Winternitz at (773) 496-5740 to schedule an inspection
Online Bidding & Registration Through:

Monday, May 11, 2015

Loeb Winternitz Successfully Sells Matador Processors as a Complete Operation

Matador Processors USDA Food Processing Facility Sold as a Complete Operation

Loeb Winternitz Industrial Auctioneers is pleased to announce that the assets from Matador Processors USDA food processing and packaging facility has been sold as a complete operation. The new owners will take up operations in the Blanchard, Oklahoma facility within the next few weeks.

“It’s always rewarding to save jobs within a community,” stated Howard M. Newman, President of Loeb, “But it’s definitely much better when you’re saving a 40 year old brand.”

Loeb Winternitz was able to fully prepare the site for auction while simultaneously working with Matador Processors to negotiate the sale of the facility as a whole.

As a result, the piecemeal equipment auction planned for Tuesday, May 19th has been cancelled.

For more information, please visit: